I'm selling 80.000 STBL for $1 each that is a total off $80.000. I'm owning 2800 Upstake tokens currently worth a little more then $29 each. So this this 2800 UPS represent a value off a little more then $80.000. So for each STBL token you buy we will reserve $1 in UPS! UPS tokens are only trade on upstake.com and are tokens that go up in value every hour! They will have a value off $78.88 in 3 months and $187,51 per UPS in 6 months.


The problem is that in this moment UPS tokens are very hard to sell. The exchange resests every hour and then over 50 sellers compete to get the highest sell order! Eventough the ammount of buyers is growing slowly there are still hours without buyers!


But on the bright side:

The dev team will start a new marketing campaign and between april and june 2019 they will introduce an auto sell function and a  p2p sell option, so that sellers can promote for selling their own UPS.


What if you are not able to sell any UPS in the near future:

We will complement buy order up to $1000 every week on the exchange to buy back UPS tokens for $1 each. And we will keep doing this for at least 80 months. So everyone will be able to sell their Stable tokens for $1!





How does it work?

You can buy Stable Tokens on ForkDelta!


Or you can sent ETH to this address:


If you want to see some more information then please visit the Tokensale page!






1 Stable token will be sold for $1 and will keep at least a dollar value!

Because the value can only go up it will never go down! We will complement untill $1000 a week to buy back STBL tokens for $1 a token. So there is no need to sell for less then $1.

Why buy STBL?

1 STBL = $1

That can not get less value then $1.

The only Token

Buy STBL Token